Belk Credit Card Login & Payment Guide

Today, we will learn about the payment guidelines for the Belk credit card login. You will find all of the essential information here, as well as what you need to know the most. We hope that this Belk Credit Card Login information is helpful to everyone looking for it.

Belk Credit Card Overview


Belk is a US department store chain with 293 locations in 16 states specializing in the latest southern fashion. Synchrony Bank issues the credit card and allows customers to establish credit with the retailer. Belk credit cards provide numerous rewards to customers as a token of appreciation.

Belk has three credit card tiers:

  • Belk Elite Rewards credit card
  • Belk Premier Rewards credit card
  • Belk Rewards credit card

The Belk credit card is accepted everywhere Mastercard is accepted. To be eligible for a Belk credit card, you must have a good credit score of around 640.

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How to Pay for a Belk Credit Card Account

Many users want to know the Credit Card account process to continue using it. If they have done their shopping, they will need to make payment for the purchases on their Belk Account. Unfortunately, if the payment becomes stuck unexpectedly, you will only have 23 days to make the full payment after ignoring the overcharges.

How to Pay for a Belk Store Card Payment on the internet

In this digital world, you don’t have to be concerned about payment. Making a Belk credit card payment online is one of the quickest ways to complete your payment. Before you begin, double-check the bank routing number and checking account. Here’s how to pay with a credit card online:

  • First, Visit the Belk credit card login portal.
  • Enter your account “User-ID” and “Password.”
  • After that, click on the “secure login” button.
  • Then, access your account to make the payment of the bills.
  • You will have to follow all of the payment instructions and complete all the steps.

How to Pay for a Belk Credit Card by Belk App

It is simple to make payments via mobile phones, and using a Belk Application for both IOS and Android devices can help you avoid late fees. Here’s what you should know. The steps for making a payment using this method are detailed further in this paragraph.

  • First, you must install the Belk app and then open it on your phone.
  • Then, Login to the app using the login information you created when you registered.
  • After logging your account in the app, there will be a “payment section” where you must make a payment.
  • Finally, you must follow all of the instructions for payment and complete all the steps.

How to Pay for Belk Credit Card By Mail

There are many options for making payments more manageable. Mailing is one of the best ways to make online payments. However, certain charges can take up to five days if not submitted correctly. Now, we’ve brought forward all of the steps listed below in their respective order.

  • First, Create a money order or a check for the amount you want to pay.
  • Then, fill up all the information on the check or money order.
  • When you fill the check or money order, then Put the check or money order into an envelope and send it to the address:

Synchrony Bank/Belk

P.O. BOX 530940

Atlanta, GA 30553-0940.

  • Please enter the correct postage amount inside the envelope and send it in the mail order.

How to Pay for the Credit Card Payment By Phone

It is simple to pay your credit card bill over the phone. Before you begin, gather your current bank’s account number and routing number.

  • To obtain an automatic system, dial 800-669-6550.
  • Enter the details for your Belk credit card.
  • To complete the payment, follow the system’s instructions.

Benefits of Using Belk Credit Cards

One of the most compelling reasons to apply for a Belk credit card is the rewards that can be earned. After shopping, you can earn 3 points for the basic membership, 4 points for the premier membership, and 5 points for the Elite membership for every 1 USD spent. When you earn 1000 points, you will be rewarded with a 10 USD reward certificate. Call customer service at 866-235-5443 for more information.

Customer Service of Belk

The Belk credit card customer service phone number is 800-669-6550 for payments and other help.


We are glad you enjoyed this Belk Credit Card Login guide usefully. If you have any questions about the Belk Credit Card Login, you can contact us for more information. We hope that this entire experience has been highly beneficial to you.

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