5 Best Freelance Jobs to Earn Extra Income

Whether you are tired of the routine 9 to 5 jobs or want some extra income from a full-time job, freelancing is your best bet to get the hours and pay you are looking for.

For many, freelance work may seem like a pipe dream.

The promise to work from home, have flexible working hours, and fair compensation may sound too good to be accurate. Still, the freelance job market has seen a boom in demand for his services and increased income opportunities, which means these jobs are entirely realistic if the person has the necessary skills and is willing to dedicate his time to achieving success.

If you are interested in switching to freelance online and work from home, you are not alone.

There are 53 million freelance workers in America today who work full-time or part-time. Better yet, according to a study by MBO Partners, of people working full-time as freelancers, one in five makes more than $ 100,000 a year.

Tempting, right? Now, before you click to submit this resignation letter to your current boss, stay here to learn more about the rewards and potential risks associated with finding freelance work to help you make the most well-read decision for your future career.

Best Freelance Jobs to Earn Extra Income

What Correctly are Freelance Jobs?

This is a question that we all think about but is too afraid to ask.

Often, when we consider working from home, we imagine millennials typing on a laptop from the comfort of their home office (and no business clothes to be seen).

While this may be a perfectly accurate image, people who are older or younger than the millennial group can do well in these types of jobs. It comes down to whether you have the right skills and are ready to take that step in your career.

In its most simplistic sense, freelance work requires qualified people to take on contract work. This makes them contractors who work for themselves and take on jobs in various other organizations, rather than full-time employees working in only one business.

Thus, freelancers are not tied to one role. This allows them to define their work schedule, say yes to more concerts when they have time, and cut back on their commitments when they need to focus on other things (like family, vacation, or just their initial full-time job). Rate if freelancing is a part-time job).

Thus, the advantage of freelancing is the true freedom that allows you to be your boss. You have more control over your work time and place of work (freelance online work is an excellent choice for people who love to travel) than in a regular full-time job.

Plus, if your job is in high demand, you can also lengthen your working hours to generate more income when you need money.

For these benefits, more and more people are looking for freelance jobs and are living the self-structured workday they have always strived for.

I want to Work a Freelance Job: What are my Options?

Now that you have a clear understanding of what precisely freelance work entails, it’s time to find out if the skills you possess can be applied to freelance work.

Not all jobs can be done as freelance jobs online. However, we see an increase in companies outsourcing specific tasks, and work is being transferred to a virtual environment, so this sector continues to expand.

Here’s my list of the best freelance jobs to help you earn extra income or reverse your career change altogether:

Web Developer

It is a trendy (and growing) freelance sector. Web developers take on the work that requires them to build and maintain websites for different companies.

Front-end developers care about the layout and design of the website, including how easy it is for users to interact with it.

In comparison, server-side web developers focus on the server of a website and how data is stored. Depending on your talent set, you can work at either of these concerts or take on both roles in the company.

Skills required to work as a freelance web developer: You need experience in web design, coding, and programming (using HTML, CSS, Javascript, Python, PHP, or other popular programs).

Income Range: You can charge clients between $ 25 and $ 150 per hour, depending on the types of web development you specialize in and your level of experience.

SEO Specialist

SEO is search engine optimization, the main goal of an SEO specialist.

These freelancers work with companies to bring high traffic to their websites.

SEO professionals do this by boosting these companies’ web pages’ ranking in search engine results and solving various online marketing strategies.

Skills required for a successful SEO: You will need a degree and experience in web development, as well as qualified knowledge of programming language and blogging, link building, and Google algorithms.

Income Range: The average SEO professional charges $ 119 an hour.

Content Writer

One of the most famous jobs in the freelance industry, content writers write articles, blog posts, reviews, and product guides for their clients.

The best content authors can write creative, well-thought-out content on a wide range of products and topics.

This job also requires substantial research and reading skills to become familiar with your demonstrating product or service.

Skills Required: Strong reading, writing, and editing skills, although a college degree is not required.

Income range: $ 50 to $ 700 per article, depending on your knowledge and experience.

Social Media Manager

This is a purpose job for anyone who considers themselves an experienced social media user. Still, it takes a lot more than creating an engaging Instagram post to succeed in this area.

Social media managers manage social media pages for their clients.

They work on various platforms to deliver a consistent message and timely edit messages to keep pace with significant trends. They also analyze user interaction with pages to increase traffic.

Skills Required: Social media managers should be highly competent in using the most popular social media pages and clearly understand current social media trends. Experience in marketing and branding is also beneficial. Copywriting and data analysis skills are advanced skills that successful social media managers possess.

Income Range: Social media managers generate an average of $ 46,000 to $ 72,000 per year.

Graphic Designer & Video Editor

Freelance work requires creative thinking and a highly skilled person in online design and editing tools.

You will create visuals and media designs for company platforms, web pages, logos, advertisements, and more.

Skills Required: A degree and experience in graphic design and video editing are essential if you want to make the industry. You will also want to develop a portfolio to showcase your skills to potential clients, so prior experience and time to build your brand is a must.

Income Range: Average $ 85 per hour.

Last Thoughts

Individuals are looking for freelance jobs because of the flexibility they offer. However, it’s essential to understand that the income range of these roles is also flexible and highly dependent on whatever you bring to the table.

While anyone can call themselves freelancers, people willing to put the time and energy into building their reputation and developing their craft are much more likely to succeed in their work.

Be careful not to mistake work “from home” for “light” work because although you have more flexible hours, you still have to be willing to work to see results and growing income.

There is also a component of risk in freelance work. You work for yourself rather than full-time at the same company, leading to times when your workflow drops and revenues drop. Freelance work can provide a stable job but is not a guarantee in the industry.

Overall, freelancing is a growing source of income for many Americans, and the benefits of self-employment are clear. If you have the skillset and previous work experience to excel in one of these online freelance jobs, you can take advantage of the online work and be your boss as a side job and, possibly, ultimately, a career.

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