How To Easily Delete Credit And Debit Cards From Amazon In 2021

Finding products and placing orders on Amazon is super easy!

But without navigating through specific menus and clicking on the links you want, you won’t be able to find the options you want to remove Amazon Maps.

Because of this, you are managing your account, and payment cards can be tedious and tedious, especially if you’ve never used the website’s settings menu before.

Don’t worry – I’ll cover for you!

This post will learn how to remove a credit or debit card from your Amazon account.

How To Delete Credit And Debit Cards From (On Laptops And Desktops)

Delete Credit And Debit Cards From Amazon

Step #1: Log Into Your Amazon Account

When you go to from the selected browser, the Login popup should appear in the upper right corner under the Accounts and Lists dropdown list. Press here.

If the popup disappears, don’t worry. Just hover your cursor over the “Accounts & Lists” dropdown, and the “Login” button will be the first thing you see. Press here.

Enter your email address and password and sign in to your account.

Step #2: Navigate To The “Your Account” Section

Once signed in, you will be redirected back to the Amazon home page.

Now you need to hover your cursor over the “Accounts & Lists” dropdown menu. You don’t need to click on it – hover over it for a second, and a menu will appear.

The menu is divided into two sections: “Your lists” and “Your account”.

Click on the “Your Account” link – this is the first link you will see in the “Your Account” section of the menu.

This will take you to the account settings page.

Step #3: Find The Payment Options

You will see many sections and links on your Amazon account settings page.

But on the bottom left of the screen, you’ll find the Order and Purchase Settings section. There are several links below it, just like other sections on the page.

To get one step closer to removing Amazon Maps, you have to click on the second link, namely. See the Payment Options link in the Order and Purchase Settings section.

Step #4: Delete Your Card

A new page will load, and you will see both the “Your Debit & Credit Cards” section and the “Your Balances” section.

In the previous section, you will find a list of all connected credit and debit cards.

Click the arrow on the right side of the card you want to remove. Details such as the name on the card and the billing address will appear in a new section.

The Delete and Modify buttons appear in the lower-right corner of this section.

Click on the “Delete” button.

Amazon will then prompt you to confirm if you want to delete your card. Click the “Confirm Deletion” button, and your card will disappear from Amazon.

You don’t need to use a laptop to remove your Amazon card – you can also do this using the mobile app.

How To Delete Credit And Debit Cards From Amazon (On Mobile)

Step #1: Log In To Your Amazon Account

Install the Amazon application on your Android or iOS device, and log into your account.

If you accidentally hit the “skip” button when the login page appears, don’t worry. You can find the “Sign Up” button by opening the hamburger menu on the top left.

Step #2: Navigate To The Payment Options Section

When you click on the hamburger menu in the upper left corner of the Amazon app, a list of settings appears.

In the My Account section of this list, click the Manage Payment Methods link. It is the third link in the section.

Step #3: Delete Your Card

All cards you have used on Amazon in the past will appear on this page.

Unlike on desktops, you don’t need to open the dropdown menu. The “Edit” and “Delete” options appear right below the debit/credit card name.

Click on the “Delete” option and verify the removal of the card when prompted.

Removing cards in the app just got faster and easier!

Things To Remember After You Delete Cards From Amazon

It would help if you remembered that once you remove your credit card from your Amazon account, payment methods for previous orders will remain the same.

You will continue to be charged for any orders you previously placed with the same credit card.

If you would like to change the payment method for your orders, you must go to the Your Orders section in the Account & Lists dropdown and find the order on the page that opens.

When you click on order, detailed information about it will appear.

Click the Change button next to your credit card and add another card in its place.

Also, keep in mind that some HSA cards do not register as FSA / HSA cards on Amazon when the card is changed.

But you can still use these cards like regular credit cards. If you accidentally place an order with an ineligible card, you will not replace the billing information on the order until it is shipped.

If you want to change the card before that, you will need to cancel the order completely and re-order it to another card.

Amazon’s interface makes it easy to find products, but finding the correct settings for removing cards can be much more difficult.

But now that you have instructions, you should be able to remove Amazon cards without any problem.

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