Does Walmart cash checks? (Step-by-Step Guide)

Does Walmart cash checks? Well, here is a question that most Walmart shoppers and other people often ask. Well yes! You can cash your bill at your local Walmart store and get your money right away. Walmart’s check-cashing service is fast, secure, and comfortable.

The Best part? You don’t require to have a bank account to cash a check. Plus, you don’t still need to register to access the service. It is so simple.

Walmart also allows you to top up your Walmart MoneyCard with cash for added convenience.

Just visit your local Walmart store for fast and convenient check cashing services.

Here’s a detailed guide on how Walmart’s check-cashing service works.

Does Walmart cash checks

What Kinds of Checks Does Walmart Cash?

Various types of checks can be cashed at Walmart’s Money Center. However, the bill you want to cash must conform to Walmart check forms.

These include paychecks, tax refund checks, government checks, insurance checks, cashier’s checks, double-sided personal checks for up to $ 200, and reviews for $ 401K, and retirement checks.

According to Walmart, they can cash the check if it is pre-printed. If you are not sure if your bill meets the listed criteria, you can check it with their customer service.

Walmart also pays MoneyGram money orders, but only if they were initially purchased from Walmart.


The cash various checks. This includes pre-printed checks, double-sided personal checks, MoneyGram money orders, 401k checks and retirement checks, insurance settlement checks, cashier’s checks, tax checks, government checks, and payroll checks.

How to Cash Your Check at Walmart?

Walmart makes it easy to cash checks in their stores. You do not require to join to access the service. You also don’t require to have a bank account to cash a check at Walmart. Plus, you don’t even need to open a store at your local Walmart store to cash your check.

To cash a check, present a validated cash-out check at a money centre (or customer support) at your local Walmart store, along with a valid government-issued photo ID. This could be your driver’s permit or passport. You may also be required to provide a Social Security number.

To make the process quick and easy, be sure to take all the documents mentioned with you. Once you have presented all the required materials, you will receive your money in minutes.

If Your Check Got Rejected

The most common problem people face when cashing checks at Walmart is the denial of receipt of bills.

Walmart uses external check cashing systems. Most Walmart locations use TeleCheck, a check authorization service. Several Walmart locations use Certegy, a system similar to TeleCheck.

Both TeleCheck and Certegy use information about you, such as your ID and Social Security number, as well as information about your checks, such as their amount and routing number, to decide whether to approve or reject your bill.

You may be denied if you have not cashed enough checks for the systems to create a sufficient file of your identity.

You may also be denied if the combination of your identity and the information on your check is too similar to previous check cashing cases known to be fraudulent.

If TeleCheck or Certegy denies your check, Walmart can’t do anything. So, in this situation, it would be useless to argue with a Walmart employee.

If your check is declined, you can ask for the name of the system that Walmart’s location uses – TeleCheck or Certegy.

Then you can contact TeleCheck or Certegy and ask for a file on you. Review this file to see if there is any inaccurate or incomplete information.

If so, please let the company know and make sure they fix their mistakes.

If Walmart still denies you check to cash, move on to cashing your checks elsewhere where TeleCheck or Certegy are not used.

Your best bet is to cash your checks at a bank, as most banks don’t use TeleCheck or Certegy.

You can also cash your checks at the grocery store; many like Hannaford and WinCo don’t use TeleCheck or Certegy either.

What’s more, many banks and grocery stores charge a lower check cashing fees than Walmart (see table below).

Walmart Check Cashing Fees and Limits

Walmart limits single check cashing transactions at $ 5,000. However, from January to April, this limit was temporarily increased to $ 7,500.

Walmart also limits check-cashing transactions to 3 per day for amounts under $ 5,000.

In terms of transaction fees, Walmart charges $ 4 for cashed checks up to $ 1,000. For checks between $ 1001 and $ 5,000, you will be charged $ 8.

If you would like to cash a double-sided personal check, the maximum amount you can transfer is $ 200, of which you will be charged a maximum of $ 6.

If you cash out more than $ 5,000 between January and April, Walmart recommends contacting their customer service department to find the maximum commission.

If you have a Walmart MoneyCard, you can add some or all of the cash to the card as it is a reloadable prepaid card. Walmart typically charges a $ 3 re-download fee for this service. However, no commission is charged if you fund your account with money received after the check was cashed. However, there is still an initial check-cashing fee.

Last Thoughts

Walmart checks cashing services are fast, reliable, affordable, and very convenient. Plus, you don’t need a bank account to cash checks.

As lengthy as your local Walmart store is open and more opening hours than banks, you can have your cash whenever you want.

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