How to Activate a Virgin Money Credit Card?

Have you just received a new Virgin Money credit card or a replacement for an old one? You need to activate it to be able to use it. To activate a Virgin Money Credit Card, you will first have to register for online services.

This write-up will show you how to register for online services and activate a Virgin Money Credit Card. Read on for more information.

How to Register for Online Services?

If you are a newbie to Virgin Money, you can sign up for Online Services before activating your credit card. Begin the registration procedure, and you will be asked if you want to register the new card as well. To register for online services, you will need the following information:

• A registration number: This will be delivered to you by email. Check your garbage or spam folders if you don’t see them in your email. To ensure that you receive future messages about your account, add the Virgin Money email address to your address list.

• The Virgin Money Credit Card number: There is a number on the back of your Virgin Money Credit Card or on the statement that comes with it. This will begin with the digits 5276 or 5310.

To register for online services, you must follow specific requirements. The following are a list of them:

Step 1: Navigate to My Virgin Money Credit Cards and click the “Register for Online Service” button.

Step 2 will require you to provide personal information such as your first and last name, date of birth, and credit card number. You will be required to provide your registration code at this point. If you misplaced it, you could request a replacement by choosing “I do not have my Registration Code.”

Step 3: For security concerns, you will be required to enter your cell phone number. This will also simplify you to use the Virgin Money online service to its full potential.

Step 4: You have now successfully registered for the Online Service. You can now use your account to do the following:

  • You can access your account online.
  • Transfer funds from your account
  • Balance Transfers
  • Pay credit card statements

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Activate Virgin Money Credit Card If You Had Registered For Online Services

Activating your Virgin Money Card is straightforward if you already have an online service account. The following is the procedure you must follow:

Step 1: Access your online service account. This will take you to a page that displays all of the transactions you’ve made with the card so far.

Virgin Money Credit Card

Step 2: Select “Activate your Card.” If you look at your screen, you’ll see it on the right-hand side, exactly below the account summary. You will be taken to a detailed process that will walk you through the card activation process by clicking the link.

Step 3: Enter the card activation details. This information will contain your name, credit card number, and security code. You may also be asked to present your birth date and social security number. Please submit the information.

Step 4: Confirm the card’s activation and sign it. Virgin Money will contact you through phone or email to confirm the activation process. After that, you can remove the sticker from the card and sign it.

That’s how simple the procedure is. Have a wonderful day!

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