How to Make a Target REDcard Payment?

“Target REDcard is a credit card that offers 5% off every day. It includes an exclusive 15-day return policy, free shipping on most items, and free in-store pickup for online orders.”

“You can also utilize your Target REDcard to make payments at any Target or by entering your card number online or swiping the card through the reader at checkout.” However, did you know that there are many other ways to pay off your REDcard balance? If not, don’t worry! Here’s how to make a Target REDcard payment.

Target Credit Card Bill Payment Online

Step 1: Search the “Pay My Bill” button.

Step 2: Enter your 15-digit REDcard number and 3-digit CVV code in the boxes provided.

Step 3: Choose a payment due date and amount, and click on Submit Payment to proceed. That’s it! The transaction should be processed quickly if you’re logged in.

Target Credit Card Bill Payment by Phone Number

When paying by phone, you’ll need to provide your REDcard number and 3-digit CVV code for the transaction to be processed successfully. However, if you haven’t received a new card yet, you can call 1-800-544-2943 (or 1-800-544-2944 for Spanish speakers) and provide the last 4 digits of your social security number and your cardholder name to process a payment by phone.

Target Credit Card Bill Payment In-Person

If you prefer paying your REDcard through the mail, all you have to do is send a check or money order to:

Target RedCard Center P.O. Box 20566 Atlanta, GA 30320 with the details of your payment and account number written on an envelope or in the memo section of the check.

So, what other ways can you make a Target REDcard payment? Well, if you have one of the newer Chip and PIN cards, you can pay in person at any Target store by swiping your card through the reader and entering your PIN number. Or, if you prefer paying through an ATM or at a bank, you can request to check out as “REDcard” through Mobile Express Checkout.

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What Happens If I Miss The Target Payment?

If you miss a Target payment, you may be subject to late fees or interest charges depending on your account agreement. You can get in touch with customer service by calling 1-800-544-2943 (or 1-800-544-2944 for Spanish speakers). Or, if you’re not quite up to speaking yet, you can also send an e-mail to [email protected]

You must contact Target directly if you need to pay your bill rather than just filling out the online form so that you can get your payment appropriately processed. If, for some reason, there’s no one available to speak with you, you can also mail in a check or money order along with your account number.

The Target REDcard offers 5% off every day, so if you’re not using it for its intended purpose, consider paying down that balance or saving up to make a purchase! And don’t forget to use the Target Credit Card Ultimate Guide before shopping at Target to learn even more further tips and tricks on how to take advantage of your credit card.


With this Ultimate Guide, I hope you will never mistake sending your Target REDcard balance unpaid. If you have any queries or concerns about making a Target REDcard payment, I hope this post clears up any confusion. Thank you!

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