How Can I Cash Back From a Walmart Gift Card?

While getting a Walmart gift card or any other gift card can be great, it can also be annoying as you have to spend it at the designated location. However, many people always ask whether it is possible to get cashback from a Walmart gift card?

walmart gift card cash back

The Short Statement

The short and accurate answer is that you will usually not be allowed to get your money back from your Walmart gift card in most situations.

That being said, several states have laws that require retailers to pay you money for a gift card. Below, we’ll take a look at these conditions and how you can convert a Walmart gift card to cash.

How Can You Do It?

walmart gift card

While Walmart does not allow returns of their gift cards, they are legally required to return the cash to you on your Walmart gift card in some states. However, it is not as easy as giving them a gift card and getting their money back.

In some states, retailers are required to offer refunds on your gift card if your balance is low, usually less than $ 5.

When this happens, the seller should offer you the balance on the balance sheet. For example, if you just completed a transaction with a Walmart gift card and you have $ 2.32 remaining on your card, you can get that money back in certain states.

What States Is This Legal In?

Walmart itself states that it must refund gift cards in any state where required, but they do not list them themselves.

You will need to refund your Walmart gift card or any gift card in California, Colorado, Maine, Massachusetts, Montana, New Jersey, Oregon, Rhode Island, Vermont, and Washington.

Please note that when trying to get a refund for a Walmart gift card, many store employees are unaware of these laws and wonder if this is allowed.

Don’t argue with them; tell them it’s the law, and if they’re still not sure, ask the store manager to come and fix the problem. We do not condone disputes with Walmart employees because they are not aware of these policies and laws.

Closing Comments

Again, with Walmart gift cards or any other type of gift card, you are not eligible for a refund unless it is below a certain threshold.

If you are looking to sell a gift card, there are many websites on the Internet where you can sell or exchange it for another person.

Keep in mind that you often get less than the gift card costs; however, you can at least have the freedom to spend that money wherever you want.

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